We know do you have a stash of t-shirts in your closet that you can’t bear to part with. Getting started quilting can feel a little daunting. I mean the equipment and the skills you need and how much space you need. Well, the good news is… quilting is supposed to be fun! We like to give you top five beginner tips to think about when you’re getting started making your first quilts.

1. Stay basic

It’s possible to spend hundreds of dollars on nifty quilting tools, but you can make tons of quilts using very basic stuff. If you have a 3×18 quilting ruler, a rotary cutter, and 18×24 quilting mat, you’ll be just fine.

2. Designate a workspace

Figure out your workspace ahead of time. You don’t need a fancy studio to make a quilt, but you are going to need a tabletop that features cutting mat, a big place to lay quilt blocks out, and you will also need a spot for the sewing machine. So, in your little apartment you keep a folding table for cutting, do all you quilt block laying out on the floor, and have a little table for your sewing machine. That’s really all you need!

3. Start small

It’s very tempting to say “I wanna make my first quilt, and it’s gonna be a king size bed cover!”. Now it would be awesome except that there is so much fabric to use! We recommend for the first quilt to start with something more in the neighborhood of 40×60 inches. That’ll let you learn all the processes of quilting in a manageable way, and it’s a perfect size for the beginning.

4. Keep it simple

There’s a whole universe of gorgeous quilt patterns out there. However, for your first quilt, it’s best to look for something that involves all straight lines, not a lot of matching points, and no curves. That way, you can enjoy the process of quilting without being bogged down by the need for too much perfection.

5. Give yourself time

The more you make quilts, the faster you’ll get at it. For your first quilt, know that each stage of the process is a bit time consuming and it’s important to really enjoy doing it. So make yourself a cup of tea, put on a good movie, and be present in the process because you’re investing time to make a lasting treasure, so you want to enjoy that!