Hello Quilters!! Are you Ready for a FUN! EASY!! Mystery 🙂 Quilt? The time has finally arrived for us to get started. 🙂 . Step ONE is here. Remember you want to be first to comment in “Did You Know?” about the Bible Reference to receive a surprise from me. The fastest way to comment is by clicking on the comment box at the end of this article. You can also email me at janecanquilt62842@gmail.com . Even if you see someone else has commented, please let me know what you think of the post. I want to hear if this Blog is helpful to you. Only nice comments, even if you don’t like my Blog, please say it in a constructive way so that I can try to improve! :).

Mystery Quilt 24″ X 34″

Fabric & Supplies

FABRIC from your stash For: the “Scrappy” look, choose as many dark, medium and light colors as you like. For: a certain “decor or season“, choose four dark, one medium, and two light colors. The dark color fabric will be the connectors, the medium color fabric will be used in pinwheels and the light fabric will be the background. You may use fat quarters for the dark and mediums or cut strips from yardage.

7/8- yard medium light background

(1) 2-1/2″ strip of light light background

(4) 2-1/2″ strips dark (a fat quarter will make fifty-six 2-1/2″ squares)

(1) 1-1/2 ” strip of medium color value print 1-1/4 yards for backing 1 yard for inside border 40″ for outside border.


BATTING 44″ X 36″.

For STEP ONE, this is all you need to make this Mystery Quilt! You will have time to decide and gather the fabric for the whole quilt before I post STEP TWO. 🙂 Remember, you can email me at janecancook62842@gmail.com if you have any questions. If you want a phone conversation, leave your phone # in the email and I will call you.

As Always, Love You, Jane.

Did You Know? That a young girl (Esther) was crowned queen of a very large kingdom because an older woman (Queen Vashti) refused to obey the King (her husband). The young girl was used by God to save her whole family and all her families people (the Jews) from a certain death. What a fascinating story (another mystery…why am I here?) from the Bible. Read the rest of the story in the Book of Esther.

My Bible quote for this post: Esther 4:14 ….”and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this.